A new publication with our great collaborators from the Camel Reproduction Center (Dubai, UAE) about the use of the Camel 4MID Kit (ref. 4VDX-19K11) in camel breeding.

Since 2017, we have been collaborating with Dr Clara MALO and Dr JA SKIDMORE from the  Camel Reproduction Center (CRC) on how to improve camel semen freezing and increase AI success in camels.

The first paper about characterization of camel proAKAP4 in out in the Reproduction and Fertility Journal. More to come.

Malo C, Carracedo S, Delehedde M, Sergeant N and Skidmore L (2021) Identification of PROAKAP4 in Dromedary sperm and their correlation with monthly semen parameters. Reproduction & Fertility. In press

Camel 4MID Kit

The Camel Reproduction Center  (CRC) is dedicated to both research activities in camel reproduction and to commercial activities.

The CRC  offers to its customers the following services :

* Ultrasonography of the reproductive tract and pregnancy diagnosis

* Embryo transfer to clients with high quality female camels

* Semen collection and analyses for male camels

The Camel 4MID Kit is the only functional assay of sperm quality, based on proAKAP4 analysis in fresh, chilled or frozen semen in extenders.

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